Jami White

Living in a world full of abuse, hurt, and woundedness, you have a choice. Do you stay there? Do you allow life experiences to hold you in a state of responding to life out of those wounded places in your heart?   YOU are uniquely created! “Created” referring to forming or fashioning, to produce or create…originally this verb carried the idea of carving or cutting out.  This is the fascination I have with clay. We begin from dust and are made into a beautiful moldable vessel. Life experiences can cause major destruction. Our creator is there to offer restoration.  No matter how dark of a place we are in, there are new mercies of restoration available to each of us.  It’s a choice to allow the sgraffito marks in your life to be a beautiful addition to your life story or one that cause destruction.  The representation of heart, light, new life is all bridged by my personal choices.


Scholarship, Penland School of Craft 2017 Printmaking on Clay with Kathy King and Paul Andrew Wandless
Cash Prize, Lubbock Christian University Juried Student Exhibition